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Lasswade to Roslin: Dead Squirrels, Spooky Ruins and Landslides

Pretty countryside…
068 copyWEBSMALL


099 copyWEBSMALL


Then, Kate stepped on a squirrel and killed it…065 copyWEBSMALL


A burnt out ruin of a spooky old house, Mavisbank House, quite lovely in its heady days…
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Ignoring the signs and climbing over the landslide anyway…150 copyWEBSMALL


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More pretty countryside…133 copyWEBSMALL


Always have to take a picture of my favourite tree…146 copyWEBSMALL


Roslin Castle wall…173 copyWEBSMALL


Derek attempting to storm the castle…182 copyWEBSMALL


Another braw tree with Derek and Kate…202 copyWEBSMALL